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Homeopathy  can be used by people with cancer. Some people choose homeopathy because it offers a completely different type of treatment compared to conventional medicine and it gives people a sense of control over some of their treatment as well as providing relief from symptoms. It can be used alongside conventional medicine.

The treatment can help with symptoms such as anxiety and stress, depression and tiredness, pain, nausea and sickness.  At Greenleas Homeopathy I treat both classically, matching your symptoms to a remedy and therapuetically which means I give remedies specifically designed to help the body cope with the demands of treatment by ensuring the body is able to eliminate efficiently.  The aim is to aid removal of toxins from the body, supporting both the liver and kidneys as well as the spleen.

I previously worked as a nurse in many environments and have always had a special interest in caring for patients facing the end of their life's journey.  I worked at the Martlets Hospice in Hove in my last nursing position.  My experience enables me to approach your case with a greater understanding of the fears and worries often associated with cancer treatment and when necessary for preparing for death. The Homeopathic Consultion is long and allows time for you to discuss your fears or concerns as well as your physical symptoms.  Sometimes my patients like to bring along their partner, others prefer this time to themselves.

I offer a calm, safe and confidential environment where you will be supported through your health needs.  

Home visits are available if you are not able to attend the clinic.

Shorter appointments can be made available if you are unable to cope with an hour long visit.