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Fibromyalgia, ME & Chronic Fatigue

I love working with patients with Fibromyalgia, M/E and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome because modern medicine has so few answers.  The medications they can offer might help alleviate some symptoms but they do not treat the cause, if the cause can be established at all.  All 3 syndromes have symptoms that overlap that are characterised by severe and long lasting fatigue that is not relieved by rest or sleep and much worse after exertion or exercise.  The full list of symptoms is vast and not everyone experiences all of them.  I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia myself around 2003 and spent years struggling to regain my energy and full immunity.  Having done so I then returned to my nursing role whilst maintaining my homeopathic practise and was flourishing until I was knocked back by an infection which left me once again unable to do anything much but sit on the sofa nursing a chronic temperature and many other symptoms.  Several blood tests revealed nothing major but the low folic acid and B12 were ignored. I was devastated to have returned to this place of fatigue and felt thwarted.  I did however use this space to take a long hard look at myself.  I used homeopathy to fight symptoms, increase my sleep and boost my immune system.  I used supplements to address imbalances and learnt to pace myself the ‘hard way’.  I acknowledged my driven nature and how this could lead to poor decisions with regard to my energy. I had to adapt my lifestyle if I was going to recover. The journey has been difficult but without the homeopathy and medical/naturopathic knowledge I dread to think where I would be today.

As a homeopath I understand that everyone’s journey through life and health is different and it is this uniqueness that I work with to identify which system of the body may be being triggered, how you approach life and what environmental triggers could be playing part.  What I mean by this is I consider the balance of, for example, the hormonal, nervous and immune systems, your job and lifestyle choices, how you respond to life emotionally and psychologically and your diet.  I listen to how your symptoms came about, how they impact you as an individual and what is the most debilitating thing for you right now. I piece together your jigsaw puzzle of symptoms.

I understand the fatigue that just can’t be explained that wipes you out one minute so that you sleep and sleep and then when you start to get going again you find you can't sleep at night and might feel ‘wired’ but exhausted might suffer from brain fog and vertigo because you haven't slept.  Than as you improve and start to exercise you crash back to the beginning again. I understand the devastating effects this condition can have on emotions, family life and friendships.

I use my medical knowledge to consider what blood test could be useful from your GP such as vitamin, minerals and hormone levels.  I also keep abreast of research and other disciplines that may offer relief.

Homeopaths take a lot of time to understand why you are ill. In my experience there is rarely one reason but several, and we unpick the possible causes of  how you became ill  together.

How long it takes to get well again can vary from person to person. I usually see someone 2/3 weekly for a couple of sessions extending the time as symptoms improve.  Homeopathy is part of a life changing journey.  In chronic diseases it is not a quick fix.  You need to be prepared to take control over your own health with support from me such as be willing to alter your diet and engage in the process openly.  Homeopathy can give fast relieve to some symptoms such as helping with sleep/vertigo or stiffness but will require several sessions to get you back on track.  As individuals we respond as our body is able and I adjust my prescriptions of homeopathic medicines according to your symptoms and energy levels.  I provide the basic homeopathic remedy needed at the time but may suggest a homeopathic kit specifically designed around your symptoms for you to use at home.  There is an additional cost for the kit.  I may also suggest other therapies if appropriate and help you plan a recovery regime.