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Many people suffer from allergies and one of the most commonly known allergies is allergic rhinitis mostly in the form of hayfever.  This commonly occurs any time from spring up to and including Autumn.  Tree pollen, dust mites, grass pollens, flower pollens and sensitivity to pet hair can cause people to feel rotten.  The symptoms may include itching of the eyes, nose, palate, ears and skin along with watery sore eyes and a sore throat.  Asthma can also be triggered.  Congestion along with a runny nose make the patient feel like they have a cold in varying degrees.  Hay fever affects peoples ability to concentrate at work, study and take exams and can be very unpleasant for pregnant women who cannot take medication.

Hayfever can be treated symptomatically with homeopathic remedies to give immediate relief and the patient can rest assured that they are taking a more natural medicine than the antihistamines often prescribed by the GP.  They are safe in pregnancy.  If the symptoms can be relieved by the remedies then the antihistamines may be saved for another time or event when the remedies are not to hand or not responding as well as you hoped for.  At home you can try some of the remedies from the list below to treat your symptoms yourself.  By consulting with a qualified homeopath however you will be better able to alleviate the symptoms on a more permanent basis as they work with you over time to build a picture of your individual characteristics and responses, rebalancing the immune system which has become oversensitive causing a reactive response and produced the symptoms of allergy.  Taking a 6c several times a day as required is a good place to start, increase to 30c if necessary and if some relief has been received but the remedy still needs to be taken frequently.  Relief should be evident after taking 3-4 doses even if it needs to be repeatedly taken.  Try another if the first hasn’t worked or consult with a qualified homeopath .  I know when I first tried a mix of remedies for hayfever back in my teens it didn’t work and I didn’t try homeopathy again for several years but when I did it was with a qualified homeopath and now I’m practicing the intricate medicine myself. So don't give up on homeopathy, you may need expert advice and prescription.  Here are some common remedies to try:

Allium cepa: watery discharge from the nose, can drip, leaving nose and throat sore and raw/red. Watery eyes. Violent/frequent sneezing. the voice can be hoarse and there can be a hacking cough. Better in the open air. Worse in the morning and indoors. 

Arsenicum:  burning watery discharge from eyes and nose, with tickling  building up to a sneeze.  Sneezing violent and painful with watery burning discharge, making the upper lip sore. May be restless especially after midnight. 

Dulcamara 30c – Hay-fever with a profuse, watery discharge, worse in open air. May also have thick, yellow discharge from the eyes.

Euphrasia: Eyes burn, itch and water constantly. Runny nose with much sneezing. Common name is Eyebright.  There can be the sensation of a foreign body (such as a grain of sand) in the eyes and they can become very gummed up and sore. The eyes feel worse for sunlight, at night-time, for windy weather and indoors, and better for the cool, open air. Euphrasia tincture can also be used as a local eyewash by diluting one drop in an eye bath of cooled sterile water. It is very soothing for sore eyes at any time – even if using a different remedy internally. Available from helios pharmacy.

Gelsemium: Dizzy & drowsy feeling with a blocked nose. Face hot and flushed. Weak and almost immobilized by the symptoms. Heavy eye lids.

Ipecac: Hay fever with chest symptoms, pale bluish complexion, asthmatic breathing, soreness of chest, sensation as if dust had been inhaled. Sneezing and suffocating cough, sometimes with nausea and vomiting.

Kali bich: Worn out by sneezing and coughing. Discharge from the nose tends to be yellowish green, sticky and hard to shift.

Lachesis: sneezing fits worse after sleep. Headache and dry stuffed sensation through the head, with red puffy face and sore nostrils and lips. The throat can also be sensitive, especially to pressure.

Nat mur:Hay fever with watery discharge from eyes and nose. Ear may become blocked with catarrh, too.

Nux vom: Prolonged sneezing fits, nose, eyes and face very irritated and hot. Itching extends to the throat. Eyes light-sensitive. Irritated, impatient and snappy.   Body feels chilly. 

Pulsatilla:Copious thick bland or yellow colored catarrh and sneezing. Relieved by open air.  Not thirsty and worse indoors, and worse in the evening.  There is a sensation of burning and dryness in the eyes and the lids can become gunky.  Emotionally more sensitive, irritable or tearful, with changing moods. Physical and emotional states can also be very changeable from day to day. 

Sabadilla:Catarrh with constant sneezing; sensation of great rawness, stuffiness & burning in the nose. Extremely sensitive to grass and flowers, which instantly cause sneezing.

Wyethia: Extreme, intolerable itching of the nose, palate & throat  
strongly suggest the use of this remedy. Everything in the person’s head feels dry and irritated, but the nose may still be runny.

Helios Hay Fever Combination:This remedy is a mix of remedies available from helios pharmacy and covers irritated eyes and nose, sneezing etc. It is made by combining  Allium Cepa, Sabadilla and Euphrasia.

Mix Pollens and Grasses:A combination made using a variety of pollens from plants, trees and various grasses which is often used in conjunction with Helios Hayfever Combination, on its own, or with any other indicated remedy.  Available from helios pharmacy.





What is a healthy diet?

Every day there appears to be another great and healthy diet available to you if you just buy this book or sign up for this that or the other.  People are looking for a quick fix which long term just doesn't work and the media and food industry are supplying it.
As someone who likes her food and wears it around her hips I have spent most of my life with a body image issue surrounding my weight.  It has taken me until my 40's to take control myself and stop expecting fad diet's to keep the weight off. It is about changing your lifestyle once and for all. There is no excuse for putting the wrong choices into our bodies.  If we want to eat well and look good we have to stop making excuses.  I know first hand how hard this is and I am not perfect now but eat well most of the time and allow myself to enjoy the odd glass of wine or bar of chocolate(my two greatest downfalls) but pay attention to when, why and how quickly I consume them.  Did I even taste that chocolate - if not what was the point of adding it to my hips. Did I down that glass of wine because the children wound me up or have I enjoyed savouring the taste and tannins.   I now eat good quality dark chocolate and savour each cube and have become aware of how I have used alcohol over the years to relax me instead of healthy ways.  Christmas this year will test me with large tubs of milk chocolate around - I will allow myself a few no doubt, but I just haven't brought the quantities of chocolate and biscuits that I normally would for my own sake but also that of my family.  
Being sensible and eating in moderation are the key factors but if you know you are particularly attached to certain foods you may need to cut them out altogether at first.  Sugar is addictive and is the cause of most people's need to eat the wrong choices.  Cut it out and the benefits will reach more than just your hips as mood swings and physical symptoms can all be affected by sugar.  This is harder than it sounds and your body can go through a detoxifying period which can make you feel tired, bloated, generally unwell and irritable causing you to crave the sugary foods more than ever - you have to keep going as the end results are worth it.  Think about when you will start this - it takes at least 3 months of not eating a food item until the body stops craving it and this can be longer for some people.  You can put this off until after Christmas as you just know you won't be able to enjoy Christmas otherwise or you can look ahead and see that you have 4 weeks to get started before Christmas - What ever you do make sure you give yourself a good chance of succeding but don't keep putting it off as there is always another social event that could stop you!
Eating fresh fruit and veg (preferable organic), grilled fish or organic chicken, brown rice and whole grains.  Make your own bread if possible (notice how quickly it goes off). I was using wheat free bread that didn't go off for 2 weeks, how can that be good for us?  Meat is ok in moderation, again preferrably organic simply because they don't give the animals hormones or antibiotics which can have a knock on effect on our health.  Eggs are good in moderation too.  Dairy products are not good for us unless organic or raw.  Many people struggle with dairy so I recommend removing it all together. 
The following eating plan will provide healthy choices as long as you remember to eat a variety of foods.  This plan is taken from The Doctor Within website and you will also find supplementary guides to help through the process of detoxifying on his site.



* Raw fruits
* Raw or steamed vegetables
* Brown rice
* Grilled fish
* Selected food grade herbs
* Whole grains
* Ezekiel bread (no high fructose, no hydrogenated oils) * 2 litres good water


* Organic meats (no hormones or antibiotics) * Unprocessed fruit and vegetable juices
* Eggs (organic)
* Raw dairy

III. ON RARE OCCASIONS – (not during initial detox period, and only with enzyme supplements)

* Processed cheese
* Commercial pizza
* Commercial butter
* Real ice cream (no gum) * Canned foods
* Coffee
* Alcohol
* Pasteurized dairy
* Raw nuts


* Soft drinks
* French fries
* Doughnuts
* Potato chips
* Refined protein powders * Margarine

* Hydrogenated oils
* Mayonnaise
* Hydrogenated oil snacks * Diet soft drinks
* Nutrisweet/Aspartame
* Soy in any form
* White bread

[For angelic results, of course, forget about sections III and IV. Magnetize this Diet to refrigerator door in a position of maximum guilt potential. Nothing to excess, including abstinence!]
Too simple to be effective? Simplicity is the hallmark of the classic cure.


You can buy raw milk if you live in Sussex or London from


It isn't easy to completely overhaul your diet and good friends and family often sabotage your attempts.  Don't let them.  If you are struggling find other like minded people to offer support instead!




Not sure what parabens are?  They are a preservative used in cosmetic products and medicines which have also been found within cancerous tumours.  They allow products to sit on the shelves in shops.  Please consider using products without parabens and if you have children beginning to use skin products it is well worth considering starting their journey with healthy alternatives.  For more information click on the link below:




In response to the need to find out more about natural products I have been using the tropic range.  These products are not only natural but also suitable for vegans.  

The products were launched by Susan Ma who you may remember from The Apprentice.  She didn't win but after the show Lord Sugar backed her business.

I am pleased to say that I am so impressed with the products that I have signed up as an Ambassador and as such you can now purchase the products from me.  At present you will need to place the order by email or phone but in the spring you will be able to purchase via this site online.  I also sell the products the same way via my facebook page.

Please bear with me whilst I get the brochure/information onsite over the next few days but I' so excited about the products I just had to share now!


Skin Deep

A large part of the work I do involves the skin and people often ask me about skin products.  Although as a homeopath I promote the fact that skin is affected by what we put into our bodies, I am equally aware that we want to take care of our skin from the outside too.  There are an amazing amount of skin products out there and I do not pretend to be an expert in this field. However, I felt the need to look into products more closely and found to my dismay that the ingredients being used in most products can actually being doing us more harm than good.  Some ingredients for instance in a lip balm actually dry the skin out and we then need to reapply more and more.  Other ingredients are know to be carcinogenic.