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by Tracy Brewster-Brown  September 24th 2013

The severity and length of time you have had MS and the drugs you are taking will have an impact on the outcome of homeopathic treatment.  The earlier in diagnosis the better able to restore the body to balance.  As MS is a degenerative disease homeopathy can become more about relief of symptoms along the same lines as orthodox medicine only using more natural medicines without the side effects.  Some people respond really well to homeopathy both when in remission for strengthening the body, to try to increase the time they are well and during an attack.  

There are common symptoms within MS and as a homeopath I have to try to get to your own individual symptoms rather than the common ones to be able to devise a personal prescription.  Time and trust are important factors here.  I will need to know how MS is for you as an individual.  For example if your balance has been affected I may ask which way you fall, are the movements stiff or loose, is there shakiness or tremors.  Sensations will be important such as tingling, feels like cotton wool, rubber or jelly.  Is there any itching or burning with numbness, coldness or heat. Visual disturbances need to be described.  Bladder control issues such as urgency can cause each individual to feel differently - some will feel frustration, some will feel embarrassment.  I will want to know about your emotional response to having the MS - are you angry, frustrated, irritable, depressed, having manic mood swings, shouting at loved ones, fatigued or suffering from insomnia or are you able to take it in your stride most of the time.  As your condition changes so will your emotional response and the prescription may be adjusted to suit you at different times.  

Family history is important and if there are other members of your family with Multiple Sclerosis it would be useful for me to know.

What was happening in your life when you developed MS is important as it is when an attack comes on - I look to see if there is any pattern evident.

We will look at your diet and lifestyle to see if changes here may help.