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 I usually allow up to 1½ hours for the first homeopathic appointment although it may not take this long. The follow up appointments are up to 1hour.

Firstly we discuss what prompted you to book an appointment – there may be one or more conditions for which you are seeking relief. We will talk about when the symptoms first appeared, how they manifest and the factors that alleviate them and make them worse and how homeopathy can help.

I will usually go through your medical history with you, noting down any major illnesses, operations or personal traumas which you have suffered. If taking medication it is important to let me have a list of these.  We will also discuss your diet and food preferences/aversions.

A history of the health of your parents and grandparents can help build a picture too such as history of asthma, eczema, cancer and heart complaints - how many generations this has affected is important in homeopathy.

A large part of my work is to try and identify the cause of the problem, which may have occurred many years ago. This isn’t always apparent and may not come to light immediately.

 I am down to earth, easy to talk to with a practical approach to homeopathy.  I will listen and work with you to try to establish the cause of your discomfort or ill health.  I often need to ask questions that may surprise you but which are integral to who you are and therefore help me to build a picture of you as a whole person not just your disease.  This might include asking about your diet, sleep pattern, how you deal with stress and what type of character you have.  I will also want to know about how things feel(sensation or feelings) and the more descriptive you can be the more I can individualise your prescription. 

People often ask “What remedy do I need for such and such a condition"? The philosophy of homeopathy is that it treats the person, not the disease; it is likely that five people experiencing the same disease will each be prescribed a different remedy, based on their own individual symptoms and experience of the disease.  For example one person may have a cold which makes them feel vulnerable and in need of love and hugs, makes them feel weepy and have a runny nose with yellow/green discharge.  Another person may have a cold which makes them irritable, wanting to be alone, feeling hot and thirsty and they may have a clear discharge from their nose with a sore throat.   My role is to assess your condition, provide you with treatment and information whilst assisting and supporting you in the decisions that will affect your health and life.  How I approach your treatment may be different from a friend who may have recommended you, because the treatment is tailored to meet your individual needs.  

At the end of the consultation I may give you homeopathic remedies to take home with you or I may require more time to think about the appropriate remedy and will send them to you in the post.   We will arrange a  follow up appointment at the end of the consultation, this may be anything between a week and a month initially, depending on your condition. As your condition responds to treatment I would expect the time between appointments to become longer.



The initial consultation may be shorter for children – usually an hour as most children will be bored by this time.  If you would like to talk to me without your child present this can be arranged.  This may be particularly appropriate if there are behavioural issues or problems in the home environment which you do not wish to discuss in front of your child.  I believe positivity in behaviour is important and find that most parents do not want to mention the negative aspects in front of their children.  This gives an opportunity to say how your child has been behaving which will help me develop my ‘picture’ of them.


During a child’s consultation I may ask questions about the pregnancy, in particular mum’s physical and emotional health at that time; the birth and the child’s early months. It is helpful to know your child’s health history, including acute illness such as chicken pox, coughs and colds as well as their vaccination record(the red personal health books can be helpful reminders).  The health of parents and grandparents can also add useful information to the picture, as does the structure and dynamics of the family home such as who lives in the house (siblings, parents, pets etc) and any issues that may be apparent there. 

It is really helpful when the parents give me information and then sit back and relax whilst I talk to their child.  This can sometimes be an eye opening moment for the parents when the children inform them of things they had no idea they knew about.  Don’t worry I don’t believe everything told to me!!  It is really helpful though when there is a silence in the room for the child to be allowed to think about what I may have asked even if this makes them feel a little uncomfortable.  Most parents instinctive reaction at this time is to answer for their child in order to alleviate their discomfort.  If possible try to sit back at this time and see what happens (not easy I know)!!


Many minor ailments can be quickly resolved with the help of homeopathy. Ear aches and throat conditions for example may resolve more quickly using the remedies.  Skin conditions are often helped without resorting to steroidal creams and antihistimines.  Teething pain can quickly be assisted with the right remedy and often mums have tried teething granules made from Chamomile.  There are others that might be helpful too.  

Learning to help your child at home using homeopathy is fantastic.  I occassionally run classes from my home to teach you about the remedies and when to use them.  Minimum of 4 people needed to run the class.  The session is relaxed and easy going with an emphasis on making it easy for you to know how to help your own family.