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 Greenleas Homeopathy

Welcome to Greenleas Homeopathy.  I hope this site provides answers to general questions you may have about homeopathy and about myself.  You will find information about the clinics, what homeopathy can help with, costs and what you can expect from your homeopathic consultation.  Please take a look around the website!  


It is important to think of homeopathy as a completely different way of approaching health not as another way of getting relief for symptoms, although this is part of the work I do.  Orthodox medicine generally uses medicines to reduce symptoms but this does not mean that there has been a cure.  Homeopathically we try to work with the symptoms that the body has produced as we belief they are for good reasons.  


If you are suffering and want to take control of your condition then why not try homeopathy.

Please feel free to contact me to find out more information if you feel that homeopathy may be appropriate for you or your family.  


I hope to meet you soon!!