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Homeopathic Skin Clinic


The skin is amazing yet is taken for granted.  It covers the whole of our bodies to protect the inside; it regulates our body temperature and acts in the elimination of cell and systemic waste.  It does not work alone; it relies on the whole of our body to function in a healthy and efficient way.  Skin disease is the result of the body naturally trying to throw off systemic poisons and bodily waste which cannot be eliminated in any other convenient way, suggesting to a homeopath that there are problems elsewhere internally in the body.  For example if you are constipated your systemic waste cannot be removed quickly enough so the blood takes up the toxic waste matter and the skin can be used instead to rid the body of its waste.  We produce rashes when we have a fever another sign to a homeopath that your body is trying to rid itself of toxins.


As a homeopath I believe that doctors prescribe creams etc (with the best of intentions) to alleviate a persons symptoms.  In doing so they suppress the body’s natural response to the problem inside the body - so the outside looks and feels better but where does the toxic waste go now.  As a homeopath I literally want to help the disease out of the the body by promoting what the body does best .  I want to rebalance the entire system of the body so that it works efficiently and then the skin will improve and your general health will have too.


So if I try to bring the skin symptoms back to the surface does it mean it will get worse?  Yes in a lot of cases this can happen but if you are already using steroid creams for example then I would suggest you continue with them initially whilst the treatment begins its process.  I may for example be looking at the sluggish response of your body(if this suits your individual picture) and may want to improve the function of the digestive system first.  When this is functioning well it will be easier to address the skin.


If you stop taking the prescribed creams at the same time as starting homeopathic treatment you may well see the skin get worse.  This is because you have stopped suppressing the bodies natural response and are allowing it to work efficiently.  This of course makes you feel worse and the skin symptoms such as itching, weeping, cracking, flaking, redness, swelling, ulcers, burning will get worse.  As a homeopath this reaction gives me a true picture of what is happening to your skin but it is not usually an exceptable way of living for you.  Some people have been known to literally stop all creams for a month before treatment, suffering in order to improve, but I do not think this is necessary.  It is a quicker way of getting to the root problem but not pleasant.  I prefer to suggest a more gentle approach as this is what homeopathy is all about.  Staying on the prescribed creams initially and gradually reducing them as your skin starts to show signs of improvement.  This can take anything up to two years if you have had a skin complaint for a long time.  However you will see improvements during this time and will not need to see me as frequently as you will initially.  If you have a new baby with skin issues and they haven’t had much treatment or none at all then the improvement will be much quicker depending on the severity but within a couple of treatments there should be a good improvement.  Young children who have had more treatment may require a little longer and you should expect to need treatment for at least six months.  


With skin complaints I may ask to see you between fortnightly and monthly initially, gradually increasing the time between appointments as the skin improves.  I offer special skin packages to help towards the cost of frequent or long term treatment.