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ABOUT HOMEOPATHY                          

Founded by a doctor called Samuel Hahnemann who became disillusioned with the medical practise at the time as he felt that patients were made more ill or died in the hands of doctors.  He found an alternative way to help people.  He discovered that a substance would cause the symptoms in a healthy person that it cured in a sick one. He experimented with several things on himself to begin with and then on other people.  This gave rise to his belief that ‘like cures like’.  Not all the substances were safe and so Hahnemann repeatedly diluted them until he found them to be beneficial for those that were sick.    

The homeopathic theory of ‘like cures like’ is most easily explained by using the example of an onion, which when sliced, will cause most people to experience watery eyes and a runny nose.  Homeopathically, onion (allium cepa) is used to treat hay fever and colds with the symptoms of watery eyes and a runny nose. 

The human body is amazing.  It has developed to adapt to its surroundings.  Every system in the body works together sending messages along nerves, producing hormones in response to stimulation, putting fluid in and out of cells and much more to maintain its health, to be able to work in optimal condition.  Homeopaths believe this also means that it has the ability to heal itself.  If you bruise yourself it will mend in a few days, likewise if you cut your finger.  Your body tells you when it needs food and water.  When you become unwell your body may be trying to eliminate toxins from your body in the form of a skin rash, diarrhoea or chesty cough.  It may be reacting to something your body doesn’t like such as after eating nuts, strawberries, wheat or other food substances.  If over time you have ignored signs and symptoms that your body has sent you whilst it tries to maintain a healthy body, the immune system has to keep adapting, thus you get more new symptoms on top of old ones causing more and more problems.  Homeopathy can be  a journey to unravel this layering of symptoms until optimal health can be established again with the body working in balance with itself.  According to homeopathic principles the correct homeopathic remedy will stimulate the body to heal itself,  and then the symptoms are relieved. 

It is important to think of homeopathy as a completely different way of approaching health not as another way of getting relief for symptoms, although this is part of the work I do.  Orthodox medicine generally uses medicines to reduce symptoms but this does not mean that there has been a cure.  Homeopathically we try to work with the symptoms that the body has produced as we belief they are for good reasons.  Our prescription will therefore be based around assisting the body to produce the symptoms speeding up the process and aiming to eliminate the disease rather than suppress it.