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My name is Tracy Brewster-Brown. I am a qualified Homeopath and a nurse.  I have knowledge and experience working with adults and children in both areas of medicine.

I am a mother of four children including twins and I am still on the journey of being a good mum and wife whilst maintaining my own personality and fulfilling my personal ambitions in life.

As a homeopath I see patients with a wide range of complaints.  I enjoy helping people and have chosen to integrate homeopathy and other complementary therapies into my life because I believe in the fundamental ethos that they stand for.  Their aim is to promote the bodies own capabilities to restore the body to it's optimum well being.  The human body is unique and continually surprises me in its abilities to adapt to life's stresses and strains, which ultimately can lead to poor health especially if we don’t listen to it.  

I first approached homeopathy as a patient following the birth of my fourth baby after recommendation from a friend.  I was so impressed I undertook the four years of training and have been practising since.  All my children and husband are treated homeopathically too.  That said I do advocate seeing your GP to get a diagnosis and will often refer you back to them maybe for a blood test. Together we can then choose which medicine is appropriate for your condition.

I consider homeopathy as a complementary therapy not alternative as I do not believe that any one form of medicine is the best but I like to have the knowledge and freedom to make an informed choice about my own health.