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My name is Tracy Brewster-Brown. I qualified as a Homeopath in 2012 and combine this knowledge with the medical knowledge I gained as a qualified nurse.  I have knowledge and experience working with adults and children in both areas of medicine.

I love the diversity of homeopathy, helping people with lots of different health complaints, this keeps me passionate about what I do.  I believe homeopathy has substantial part to play in helping with chronic conditions that cause distress on many levels, sometimes completely disabling people.  With longer appointment times it is possible to piece together the entire picture of what is happening for the individual.  

 I teach Anatomy and Physiology at South Downs College of homeopathy and lecture in homeopathy relating this knowledge to  conditions helped with homeopathy.  I am passionate about homeopathy and believe this is needed as a lecturer to inspire the next generation of homeopaths.  I also love being around the students as I always learn something from them too!

I am a mother of four children including twins and I am still on the journey of being a good mum and wife whilst maintaining my own personality and fulfilling my personal ambitions in life.

  I enjoy helping people and have chosen to integrate homeopathy and other complementary therapies into my life because I believe in the fundamental ethos that they stand for.  Their aim is to promote the bodies own capabilities to restore the body to it's optimum well being.  The human body is unique and continually surprises me in its abilities to adapt to life's stresses and strains, which ultimately can lead to poor health especially if we don’t listen to it.  Each symptom is a sign that something is out of balance.  Rather than treat each thing seperately homeopaths take into account all the symptoms together, along with emotional issues, lifestyle choices and family situations. With over 3000 homeopathic remedies to choose from a homeopath needs a good knowledge of the homeopathic medicines and how to match these to the patient.  At the end of our training we qualify with a licentiate (degree) to practise.  I maintain regular CPD to ensure I remain up to date and I am still as passionate now as I was when I choose the profession.

 I first approached homeopathy as a patient following the birth of my fourth baby after recommendation from a friend.  I was so impressed I undertook the four years of training and have been practising since.  All my children and husband are treated homeopathically too.  That said I do advocate seeing your GP to get a diagnosis and will often refer you back to them maybe for a blood test. Informed you can then choose which medicine is appropriate for your condition.