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Having spent years with repeated trips to my GP and too many Hospital referrals to mention without much success (that didn't involve everyone I saw trying to prescribe various drugs with numerous side effects that I really didn't want!) I decided to try Homeopathy. As a sceptic I really wasn't sure it would do any good but I was willing to give anything a go by then. I could not have been more wrong and now 18 months on I am in a completely different place than I was and back in control of my life. That first appointment with Tracy was very emotional and life changing. For the first time in years I felt I was being heard and she very patiently listened to me and over the weeks slowly unpicked a very long and complicated medical history.The issues we have addressed have ranged from minor skin complaints to thyroid issues and major hormone fluctuations and my going through the menopause alongside learning to cope with living with a long term pain condition, my Fathers Cancer diagnosis and a traumatic house move. Tracy has addressed each issue as we have come to it and seems to have an amazing intuition as to which remedies would suit me best. I am now able to happily stay away from home on holiday (a MAJOR achievement). it has put me back in control knowing that the remedies I have will work. I now also regularly see an Osteopath and have not had the need to see my GP for several months now. It has been a long and emotional journey and I have been grateful to have had someone to guide me through with insight and sensitivity. Homeopathy has been incredible, I still don't really understand how these tiny balls of Magic work but they do and I will continue to treat both myself and my family. 

Pip Fitzpatrick


I first used homeopathic treatment 10 years ago and have used it on a variety of ailments since.

My whole family have benefited with acutes but also other conditions too.

I have had vertigo a couple of times now and I was prescribed drugs from the doctor that I wasn’t keen to take. I called Tracy, had a consultation and my husband collected some remedies for me. After a couple of hours, I was feeling much better on the remedies suggested. I was up and better in a week. Tracy has always been thorough, quick and caring with her approach. When I got it a second time, because we were quicker on starting the remedy, within 3 days I was up and running Race for Life in London!
I carry a small first aid kit around with me which I purchased from Greenleas Homeopathy and I use this with the family. Tracy is always happy to answer a message if I am unsure on which one to use. 

Tracy’s knowledge and experience from being a nurse also leads me to fully trust her diagnosis and work in conjunction with my doctor and me, leaving me the freedom to make informed decisions about mine and my family’s health. Thank you for your passion Tracy. 

 Michelle Turner


Homeopathy and the menopause

I came to Tracy suffering all sorts of issues whilst going through the menopause. 

Tracy has given me some amazing support both with the remedies she has 

given me and emotionally as well. Homeopathy calmed everything down and 

enabled me to go through the worst of it with few symptoms and without 

the need for the dreaded HRT. For that I am very grateful. I strongly 

feel Women should be made aware of the amazing natural support 

Homeopathy can give to our bodies at such a tumultuous time. For me it 

has meant I was able to get on with my life without the need for 

unnatural intervention. Without such a good Homeopath I would not have 

been able to do that.

Pip Fitzpatrick


I started seeing Tracy after having pneumonia and three courses of antibiotics. I was suffering from a number of symptoms and feeling very low. She helped me considerably with this and I am now feeling very much better. Tracy has a lovely style which combines being very down to earth and practical with being a great listener so I always enjoy my appointments and come away feeling more positive. She is clearly very knowledgeable and recently helped me clear a chest infection within two days after just one phone call. I strongly recommend Tracy to anyone considering homeopathy.

Mary Evans

These testimonials are written by my patients in their own words.  Thank you to those of you who have been kind enough to allow me to publish them on my website.