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This lady was feeling unwell and was in a lot of pain requiring both brufen and paracetamol regularly.  She was unable to lie down or lean on her back and her bra strap was aggravating the gland.  She had visited her GP and completed 2 courses of antibiotics which hadn’t helped.  The GP surgery had recommended she go to hospital to have the gland drained.  The gland has remained dormant  since the last time it was drained.  It is usually about the size of half a tennis ball cut in half and stuck on her back.

On observation the gland was swollen.  There was red and purple discolouration and the lady complained of pain that throbbed with heat.  There was no discharge or an apparent outlet for one.  I prescribed Belladonna 200c and the lady rang me the next day saying the gland had discharged yellow pus overnight and felt much less painful. I kept a close eye on the infection seeing the patient frequently at first.  No analgesics were required after the first dose of Belladonna.  The wound continued to discharge for a couple of weeks and I changed the prescription to Silica 30c twice a day.  The wound gradually healed over a few months with Silica and an occassional Belladonna at times of stress.  The gland has reduced in size to a small pliable lump with evident scar tissue.  The lady reports that it has never been this small since it first appeared 24years ago.  We continue to treat with Silica 30c and the gland is still reducing in size. 

Treatment time has been 5 months.




11 year old boy

This boy presented with several warts to fingers, toes and knee.  They were quite large and rough with roots on show.  They had a tendency to crack open when wet.  One caused particular shooting pains being positioned on his toe and was a problem for him playing football.  This boy had a history of eczema, catarrahal colds with deafness, excessive thirst and perspiration and love of eggs.  Family history of eczema and asthma.  Generally a happy boy, confident but sensitive, could be bossy and had been bullied at his last school.  He slept with many pillows, cracked his fingers a lot and could talk confidently with adults.  Loves animals.  

Initially I gave Lycopodium - there were small changes to the warts but I did not feel that the changes were sufficient.  On further consultation I prescribed Medorrhinum which proved to be a fantastic remedy for this boy. On his follow up appointment he had only 1 wart remaining - on his toe which had also reduced and changed shape.  He had reduced his pillows at night from 7 to 3.  His eczema had also improved. I did not re prescribe at this time. He was given a repeat dose of Medorrhinum 200c 2 months later when a new growth appeared on his ear. I repeated Medorrhinum 200c.  He has not had a return of warts since.



Man in his 60's

Presented with an infected big toe to the right foot.  The toe was swollen, red and had yellow pus beneath the skin. He had cut the toe with dirty machinery 14 days before whilst in France.  He had stitches at the time which had been removed in the Uk a few days before and had been red since then.  It felt worse for being cold and better for heat.  It was very painful and throbbed and burned.  It looked raw.  We started by alternating placing the foot in hot and cold water which allowed the pus to drain.  Belladonna and Calendula were the only remedies needed in low potency to completely clear this up within a few days along with the water treatment.



Lady in early 40's presented with anxiety with chest and stomach pains. Having panic attacks and trying to hide them from work colleagues and family.  This lady works in a highly pressured job and feels she has to perform well at all times.  Family lady and feels guilty when she doesn't spend enough time with them.  Generally concerned for her health and thought she was heading for a heart attack.  Had been examined by Doctors who said all was fine.  Tendency to hold onto emotions, quietly confident, polite and dutiful. Initially I gave this lady a remedy that didn't work at all.  After further consultation I gave Kali Carb 200c which worked very well.  The lady was able to deal with work and home life again and continued to do well on repeat doses and increased potency.


Anxiety Case

8 year old girl

Generally happy go lucky girl, likes her cuddles and likes to be around family. Bit of a worrier and will mull things over in her head.  Needs to be reassured.  Chats confidentaly to people and has the most gorgeous large brown eyes.  Goes to bed when asked but each night is waking up from dreams that the crocodile is coming to get her.  Prescribed Ledum 30c resulting in full night sleep.  Was repeated a few months later.

The same girl had anxiety issues around age 10 was having anxiety issues around school and leaving home for sleep overs.  Went up to bed as asked but couldn't get to sleep because she got upset worrying about everything. Prescribed Phosphorus 200c which enabled her to sleep again.  This has been repeated every 3-4 months for a few doses.  Hasn't been on sleep over as yet